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Master in Education

Welcome to our website dedicated to foreign students who wish to pursue their studies in France! We are here to provide you with comprehensive and useful information about the French education system, master’s programs, the application process, costs and financing options, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Masters in France

Our “Masters in France” page serves as a comprehensive guide for students interested in pursuing a master’s program in France.

Application Process

Discover a detailed set of steps, requirements and practical advice for navigating the application process to study in France.

Costs and Financing

Discover valuable information on tuition fees, living expenses, scholarships and different financing options to help students plan their study budget in France.

The French education system

The French education system is internationally recognized for its academic excellence and diversity. In our “French Education System” section, you will discover the different stages of education in France, ranging from primary school to university, as well as information about degrees and qualifications.